Medical Waste / Sharps Disposal

What We Do

We offer a service that allows businesses, medical clinics, and private parties the ability to properly dispose of their sharps and medical waste containers without needing to lift a finger. We pick up the containers from your location and can leave replacement bins with advance notice.

At Rapid Response Bio Clean, we have been working diligently to offer the most comprehensive and eco-friendly process for disposing of medical waste. With our process, we will be able to successfully recycle up to 90% of the medical waste that is received from your business. The material that has been processed can then be made into a variety of products such as coffee cups, flowerpots, and kitchen counter tops.

Hospitals in America generate approximately 5.9 million tons of medical waste per year says the World Health Organization and 90% of that waste in the United States is currently being incinerated. This generates more greenhouse gasses that are put into the atmosphere. We utilize super-heated water and pressure to sterilize the waste and grind it into a manageable substance that can be reused once it has been sorted. With such a large amount of medical waste being generated each year, how it is handled and processed becomes even more important for reducing its impact. Implementing a plan four your business for how to dispose of the waste is pivotal.

As an ever-growing business, we strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to waste management and the best practices for our space. Help us get ahead of the curve on medical waste and the serious impact it can have on our environment and let us recycle it for you.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions and complete the following form to utilize this service.